Saturday, December 06, 2003

Where is a place without questions? Mom once said to me that at some point there are no more questions. She told me this many years ago. I didn't believe her. Yesterday, I was given a similar response to my enquiring. Papaji's mantra was 'Be Quiet'. This is quieting the mind, the body, and the ego as I understand. All of these things interfere with the present; reality interferes with the present. This is what I understand from the discussions, readings, and videos we've taken in. Where is this place with no questions. How can everything disappear?

I'm compassionate for the suffering of others. No matter how present I am that will always exist. Even if I was connected to core of all beings, they would still be suffering. Perhaps they're not really suffering and it's a perception that they are. Although, it does seem there are other beings and that some of them suffer. How could I ignore them when I myself have everything that I need?

There is a question, a rather heavy one, that came up again yesterday that I have been asking for some time. A while back I began asking people, even the first time that I met them, "who are you?" Most people would jerk their heads at this. Many of them thought me crazy. Other times it would form a wonderful connection even if only for that conversation and never seeing each other again. The question came yesterday; although, it was pointed in the opposite direction. As in the past when I was done asking the question it always turned around. Still, I am not sure how to answer the question. I am approaching this moment a little differently, and perhaps I am able to see a new side of honesty.

For people reading this please understand that I am trying to piece together the so many things that are happening right now. I am not however maintaining regular email correspondence. I will be checking next Monday evening or so. Please know that I love you all.

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