Sunday, June 04, 2006

Back at my desk, catching up, taking a breath

mysothelioma (6 searched results).
that's not always the kinda thing you would think to spell correctly. then again, the more common way appears to be mesothelioma
with a mere 23,300,000 results. I didn't even achieve a "did you mean" for the error of my ways. I would say the 23.3M to 6 ought to have triggered switch. I'm curious why that didn't happen. Can anyone please explain it to me?

Culinary adventures dominated the weekend. Nice to have extended all the way from Thursday. Highly recommended throughout the summer where possible. Got a great bike trip in the near future. If you haven't stumbled across they've got an excellent selection of parking lot camping sites. I haven't found other more natural campsites there; although I don't mind the experience so much. It gives me a glimpse of what was previously available with movies. I can't really imagine a drive-in theater never having sat through a mystery or great love story.

Bella and I watched Laura. It's a nice film noir. Gene Tierney and Dana Andrews tearing up the screen with mischief and intrigue. Tough falling in love with a woman following her demise amidst her investigation. It beat out small newsdesk gnomes from SNL.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

It was very funny the other day overhearing that NY1 has an $8 weather budget. Forecasters are often given a bad wrap for misrepresenting what's actually happening in the sky. They certainly don't enjoy being wrong, but alas it ends up happening anyway. Want to know what you need to wear? Try sticking your hand out the window and feel the air. Carry an umbrella if you're uncertain, and try some other sources. I have been a big fan of and has recently become a favorite. NOAA is a little less commercial. I would recommend a glance at them if you're curious.

On a more tangible note, I have been getting a lot of great insight from DemocracyNow!'s podcast. Yesterday's broadcast had yet more information about the power of blogging and vlogging. They were broadcasting from Stamford in Palo Alto, California because of the NetSquared Conference. Looking over their site, she's also going to be a speaker. There was a good dialogue going back and forth about citizen journalists cropping up worldwide through the likes of and bloggers exposing oppression the world over. There were notables instance of political imprisonment of Egyptian and Chinese bloggers for expressing opinions incongruous with the country's line. While it's possible this post may show up in a random search I'm glad to have the right to express myself as I desire (as yet, I have published little that would be read as offensive)...