Friday, November 28, 2008

What a delightful Fall day in Charlottesville. I have wrestled my statistics book for part of the morning, and it calls to me this afternoon as well. The homework was split this afternoon by a delightful visit downtown with my friend and colleague, Melissa. We sought delicious South African fare at Shebeen, followed by a tour of the grounds at 'the University' (UVA for the uninitiated. The university is declarative as there are no other universities within proximity). We saw the world re-known lawn. As well, we made our way past the buildings housing the McIntire School of Commerce's excellent programs. Melissa is three quarters of the way through her M.S. Management of Information Technology, and we compared notes of our programs. Many folks pursuing their M.S. along with her have already achieved their MBAs. Her program, or one similar, is of interest after finishing my current degree at Langone. Some point in the near future I will need to further develop my technology background in pursuit of a CIO role.

It was nice to walk a campus ('the grounds'), an enjoyment taken when possible. Definitely a welcome excursion given the holiday meal schedule.