Thursday, June 17, 2004

"You want happy ever after. Go to a fucking movie." ~Josh
It is possible for just about anything to be the case. Nothing having been said there. I am amidst mayhem. Every which way I turn I find myself pulled, pushed, turned about. There's the rational and the emotional predominately. Occasionally, the spiritual slips in a word from absence. Josh has helped in that way a lot. Spiritual was a realm I sought out or at least contemplated (same thing?) while I was traveling. Now, the clanging screetching wheels of the F train take me elsewhere. That's not a negative commentary on the city. There are so many things I love about it. Although, it's nicer when there're clearer for sure. Couldn't tell you what it was like outside today. Everytime I was there I was doing or thinking about something. I love to walk for walking's sake. What a difference 'no mind' can make. Don't confuse that with being unproductive. Josh explained that one well.

I'm studying for the GMAT. I've decided. I'll apply to a part time MBA program in Information Systems at NYU. It would be an interesting program to say the least. My concentration recently has been reassuring that I could conceivably take on such a challenge. Another day and I might have been intimidated. Fear need not apply here.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Now is not the right time to get into it; there is so much more to come. If time always fell into place we wouldn't still be figuring all this out. I for one am wrestling where all the ticks go. Still, I sit here knee jamming away. Belle and Sebastian's Dear Catastrophe Waitress is nice. I didn't realize they were a band of seven memebers. Thank you