Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Wanna see what's going to happen next

Would you see text auto fomatted? If so,...

After watching Glengarry GlenRoss one can only be left feeling better about their position in life. Sure there are many questions about being satisfied and pressures in life. And I thought what I have to face on a day to day basis is mildly challenging, if not a bit frustrating. There's little comfort though in comparing my position to needing to bring in sales every day. That would be amongst the most hateful jobs I could imagine. I would much rather spend my days working on systems supporting descisions or leading up to my own for that matter, but cold calling? I don't think so. Tried it for a minute once working for the censis. Um, let's see, New York City, and people that didn't return the long form. Sure. Knock on their door, they'll be more than happy to pass answers through the chain for 30 minutes... I lasted a couple minutes in that one. Actually, 20+ hours of training and only about 8 hours or sactually on the job. Not one of my finer moements. Had no interest in being the number one solicitor of surveys.