Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I'm glad to hear something can bite into Internet Explorer's market share. Brian told me the NSA does not suggest people use it for security reasons, and now the newest thing to hit is Mozilla's Firefox. I'm downloading, installing, and about to quite using this browser I despise. Thankfully, Safari has helped me avoid using much of Internet Explorer since early summer. Now, an alternative for when I'm on PCs...

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The choice was celebrate or commiserate. Unfortunately, we've run out of positive options. This evening was a wonderful gathering on the upper west side. Not quite the scene of votergasm.com, but we congregated with a common hope. Well, Bush's victory may be the sign of Hillary's opportunity four years from now. But, really, I would rather be re-electing John Kerry than having her as president. Besides, who wants to wait four years of misery for something positive? It's a very sad night as the polling speculations become dreary realities. With any luck, we won't really be stuck with a Republican House, a Republican Senate, a Republican President, and a soon to be nominated Republican Supreme Court Justice. However, I wish Judge Rehnquist comfort in this difficult time. I just recently witnessed my Grandmother in the throws of cancers, and it not something anybody should endure no matter what their politics. I have compassion for him, and I am hopeful these next four years may echo my sentiments.