Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The choice was celebrate or commiserate. Unfortunately, we've run out of positive options. This evening was a wonderful gathering on the upper west side. Not quite the scene of, but we congregated with a common hope. Well, Bush's victory may be the sign of Hillary's opportunity four years from now. But, really, I would rather be re-electing John Kerry than having her as president. Besides, who wants to wait four years of misery for something positive? It's a very sad night as the polling speculations become dreary realities. With any luck, we won't really be stuck with a Republican House, a Republican Senate, a Republican President, and a soon to be nominated Republican Supreme Court Justice. However, I wish Judge Rehnquist comfort in this difficult time. I just recently witnessed my Grandmother in the throws of cancers, and it not something anybody should endure no matter what their politics. I have compassion for him, and I am hopeful these next four years may echo my sentiments.

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