Sunday, August 09, 2009

I'm still up in the air on Twitter. It was enjoyable at times using it during presentations at Edustat; although, listening and twittering was a bit overwhelming for actually absorbing higher level ideas. It was sound byte capture and recording provocations. My brother is using it for some entertaining bits like shouting out into the vast void of major stardom, which come off entertaining and occasionally rant-like. Still Pam continues to put the rest of us to shame with myriad daily updates. I for one am not going to sleep less and try to keep up with her.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

As heard while buying a coffee roll this morning

Kart Vendor: How tall are you?
Me: six foot six
Kart Vendor: Hm, how much is that in meters?
Me: two meters
Kart Vendor: Wow, you should be playing basketball.
Me: Nah, I play chess.
Kart Vendor: Kasparov. You know like Kasparov.
Me: Yea, he's a pretty good politician.
Kart Vendor and friend in kart: He's crazy. Money. He should be playing for money.