Monday, December 01, 2003

Life in Lucknow is really great. We just returned lastnight from Azamgarh. We were there for the Tulsi Mahotsav that Organic India, Bhavani and Bharat's company, hosted. There were over a thousand people in attendance with farmers, their families, and staff to celebrate the end of the Tulsi cultivation for this year. There were a couple local politicians to bring grace and good blessings to the vision of the company. Several recognition awards were presented, and then there was lunch and a band offering a cultural program. Unfortunately, I slept away most of the afternoon trying to ward this sinus infection I developed, but such is life.

The factory in Azamgarh is very well developed. Dayael, a friend of Bhavani and Bharat's from Lucknow, and I took a tour early Sunday morning. We were shown how the Tulsi is brought into the sterile environment. The Tulsi is cleaned in two baths, it is dehydrated, it is sorted, then it's bagged. Wow, we walked into the storeroom, and the smell of Tulsi is positively overwhelming. This herb has been given star status by Organic India and Dr. Narendra Singh. There has been much written about Tulsi.

Things are exciting and busy here. I have began working with Organic India to help develop their website as well as offer some suggestions for software being designed in house. I have had a really great time getting to know the people that work for Organic India, but also understanding the working mission! They are in the process of building an exceptional company with a holistic approach to business.

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