Sunday, December 21, 2003

I arrived in Bangkok this morning about 6am. No problems cruising through immigration, baggage claim, customs, and the line for taxis was the most orderly since I left New York. It was easy getting to the hotel, hassle free. And, once I arrived I thought I had the Royal Suite 90 sq. m. for $30/night. Well, almost, I had it this morning, but after my nap I came down and they asked me to change rooms. I didn't understand the Royal Suite thing was temporary, the language barrier is a bit thicker here than in India. Alas, I have a fantastic room at a good rate, and I am off to explore this new country I've just arrived in. Hopefully, I'll be able to meet up with a friend of a friend, Ed by way of Tamara; also, I found out our friends Paul and Court are soon to be in town. These last several days without Dana are going to fly by. The excitement keeps getting better and better.

There is however some sad news to report. My bag was rummaged through yesterday, and my music player was taken out of my possesion. It is sad. I had shifted my bag to some friends' room, and there was one other person that went in for sure. It's terrible when everyone says they had nothing to do with it. I believe there is a special place for all lying people. I wish them the best. It's really ashame they didn't think to take the charger also. Because now, they're in possesion of an amazing music device, with my earwax still on the headphones, that will last another one to two hours. And, they'll be pretty hard pressed to find the right adapter. In other words what was a great music player has become someone else's paperweight with my inscription on the back: "Adam Aronson: Around the World." It made it half-way, bon voyage IPOD.

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