Friday, December 05, 2003

It began with introductions and a loosely based schedule, dinner, and a video. I have joined a retreat. Last night was very restful. Only finding 90 minutes of sleep the night before was a bit overwhelming by yesterday's end. It was one of the more 'productive' days I had perhaps ever. With all work things in order, I feel satisfied to begin standing back from the day to day, and look a bit closer inside. The work I began this past week has been very rewarding as it is consolidating a great many areas of interest for me. Because I will not be in Lucknow for much longer, I have decided to spend some time next week working on the project. Although, my efforts won't likely meet this past week's. Now, I am very earnest in trying to remove distractions; oddly, I consider the database project to be not a distraction, rather my concentration is pleasantly deep there.

At the end of schedules and questions we sang a chant before dinner. Raja, a local pujari at the Hanuman temple led us. Eventhough, I had been with mostly the same people in other circles and listened to them sing, I had not connected with what they were doing. When Raja began lastnight, I felt a new trust. There was no judgement, there was no misunderstanding, and I followed him as he led us into the chant. I didn't understand everything that we were singing, and I couldn't make out some of the words. Later, I asked Raja to explain to me what exactly we were singing, and word for word he went through the chant with me. He also offered an easier chant to begin with.

From the moment I met Raja he held out his arms and greeted me in loving brotherhood. It was really beautiful. The connections I have here with various people start in such a different place then when I have been elsewhere. It is in the moment.

There is a great word used frequently here in Satsang Bhawan, shanti. It means peace in Hindi. Our environment is shanti. Being is shanti.

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