Wednesday, December 17, 2003

What's a boy to do with himself when he finds himself standing upright. My body is slowly becoming accustomed to being recognized. Gone are the days of kicking heels on the sidewalks worldwide, well, maybe anyway. Amazing how a bit of breathing will bring one’s center out of the clouds heading directly for the belly. I like to think of it that way, anyhow. I am in process. There is that stretch hibernating animals stay in so long as the body is waking, I am somewhere near there. YAWN. The retreat was fantastic.

Ten days witnessed through eyes always opening wider. It was a wonder to see the beauty in the world, anew. Watching bicyclists or roaming water buffalo, the world was in motion. This world is one that I am quite partial to. There are so many wonderful fancies to explore; this will remain true until the end. I feel vibrant, and my head may be emerging from the clouds. Gone are the days of walking with my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds. I want to see through the clouds or wherever there is a sight to see. From yoga in the satsang hall last week to the set of a Bombay commercial set I am traveling. Friends are all around and everybody is in motion.

It has been nice to relax in Bombay a bit. The mosquitoes are fierce, but the swaying palm trees and sinus drying sun help wonders. Lucknow has been cold, so some time in the sun is thoroughly enjoyable. In a few days time it will be onward to Bangkok with enough time to prepare for Dana’s arrival as well as adjust to yet another country. It has been quite interesting and informative learning about cultural practices, of course food included.

I send all my love to the eyes crossing these words!

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