Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Five days of yoga and my body is opening up. My flexibility has increased substantially, and my mind disappears at times as body and breath synchronize. Other times, the pain distracts my attention, and it reminds me how much I dislike pain. Although, the quiet times far outweigh the discomfort. Yoga has much value in this retreat as I have found reprieve from distractions.

Time has not had much meaning lately as I have been living in the moment. When my mind begins to reel there is some control to be exerted over it. Unwanted thoughts, troublesome burdens, evaporate like water. And, I remain present. Slowly, I am awakening into the present.

The last version of the passover haggadah I read began with God stating: "Here I am." Today, I say the same, "Here I am." I am present, I am alive, I am peaceful, and above all, I am happy.

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