Monday, March 15, 2004

With great satisfaction I can say last week was amazing. I accomplished a whole lot. I have changed the directions in my travel a bit, and I am playing the game a lot more. By the game I mean I had removed myself from any sense of obligation when I began traveling, and that even extended to areas I didn't intend or perceive. I think the air is pretty clear here despite being thick. Air is not all that we see and breath. I have been contacting many people regarding different matters, and my wheels have rarely stopped spinning. If it's any indication what state I am in I have purchased another cell phone. Anyone that can remember last impression of them may need to take a double take. Here is probably not the best place to put it; let me know if you would like it. I have a Dehli number while I am here for the next three and some weeks. Then I'll move to a Thai number, etc. This will be good because it seems everywhere I go I am meeting people who are trying to coordinate at some level or another. It is somewhat common in India to say you'll be reaching, and then it happens as though unexpectedly. I tend to do things a bit differently and a phone will aid to that end.

Cooking is going along wonderfully. I spent Tuesday through Friday in the kitchen then I took the weekend off to run errands and frolic a bit. I need my frolicking time while it has been afforded me. I was at my dad's office one day where I met his boss, and he asked what I do with my time in India. I responded that I rest. He and dad looked at one another as though everybody was in the wrong role. Well, okay so I am a bit young to be so leisurely, anway things are looking a bit more productive these days. We'll see what comes of it in some time. I'll keep this up to date best I can!

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