Friday, March 05, 2004

Today is the 10th day since the passing of Prashast's grand-uncle. This is a special day in the Kashmiri tradition as much of it will be spent commemorarting the deceased. Earlier in the week after the cremation his remains were brought 250 kilometers north to Haridwar. There was a ceremony there releasing the ashes into the Ganga. This morning the entire family gathered at the Yamuna river where prayers were recited. There is a break now before everyone regroups this evening. There will be a large selection of the deceased's favorite food, and I am not all that sure what else may take place. I have been invited to honor this man alongside the rest of his family. It has been enlightening to witness the way the family has processed the whole experience in the past week. Many family members have been visiting each others' homes to be with one another. It is nice to see everybody so supportive in this time.

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