Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Life on the move again! I am abandoning kitchen duty for the remainder of the week, and I am heading north with a couple friends to Manali. This is a greener cooler area than Delhi. It has been nearing 100 each day for the past two weeks here, and in Manali you still need a sweater, yea! So, I'll head there for a couple three days then head back. It ought to be a great outing, and hopefully, I'll be able to take some nice pictures. I have been shooting quite a bit of late, and I am happy with some of the results. I have been meaning to change up the face of my website as well as it's contents, but other projects are moving along a bit better like this one on creativity. Thus, for the time being I am happy to maintain a steady level of productivity and pursue many projects simultaneously. Somehow, even when I am at home there are more things to do than get accomplished. At one point or another they come together or go to the idea graveyard. Either way I’m aware of where I am, so here I go. There is more to come from the road. Bisous.

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