Friday, March 19, 2004

Injury has ensued a bit. I managed to cut my fingers not once but twice today. I thought I would take it easy after I sliced a noticeable although small piece of my index fingernail, so I headed for browner pastures away from coriander towards peeling potatoes. Yea, well, that's where the second small nick occurred. I repeat small. These were not significant cuts in any shape or form, and I was particularly careful in cleaning them because drinking the water is treacherous enough cleaning a cut with it can be a very prolonged mistake. So, I was told Turmeric powder is antiseptic. With any luck my finger will not be a balloon tomorrow. Aside from that the kitchen was pretty quiet today. I came back on the bus again and really felt the onset of Spring/Summer. It has been reaching close to 100 Fahrenheit, and soon it will far exceed that by about another 10 to 20 degrees. Thankfully, I'll be on to greener wetter pastures by that point. Thailand which is also a nice hot clime this time will only be a temporary stopover on the way to Amsterdam for my Aunt Jan's art show. It ought to be a hella good time. We're cheering for her from all corners of the globe, and it will be a family affair of support for this next great achievement of hers. Her site is chock full of beautiful works I highly recommend you enjoy.

In other news Prashast and I are working with his father to develop a website on creativity. It is an interesting project with a strong lean to education. We'll see how that comes along in the next some weeks.

Sadly, India lost today against Pakistan in the third One Day Invitational cricket match. Everyone was pretty solemn around town. This is an historic rivalry deeply reflecting the political rift between the nations. Their players are given the same stardom credit and foray into politics as Hollywood actors find themselves. Thankfully, the cricketers have a bit more sense one of them commenting, "We'll leave the diplomacy up to the diplomats."

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