Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Bravery played a great show at Webster Hall indeed. It had a touch of stadium performance while trouncing around the stage. Any band insistent on slugging Jaegermeister on the stage leaves questions aloft. Quantity of music consumption is an amazing feat. Constant expansion requires attention and leads. Not to mention a steady stream going out if one were to purchase the desired music. I have respect for the artists, and I certainly believe they deserve their share. Sadly, not many are willing to do it without the compulsory reward. Marketing and market in general require some many caveats and grease slicking. Paying to get music on the air is somewhat ridiculous. Do you really need every possible revenue stream if you're already on a network require payment. Why do other sources of copyrighted information have the right to be paid for? It's a huge disadvantage to those trying to make their mark. They need a label boosting them forward in order to share the talent, rather purchase their market share. Let the marketing department have at them, and they will all strike up some deal. Speaking of mega blockbusters, Coldplay's X&Y strikes a nice cord with me. There are some sweeping melodies. Tickets at the garden would have been nice. They are striking up five nights like U2, which has it's own arrangement for the garden at this point; although, even for waking up early on a Saturday morning, 20 minutes determined my fate, ticketless.

So much of recent has been light. I have not been quite as worked up at the office. Deciding a softer tred has mended relations and left quite the sweet tooth. Though, it is not always so sweet. However, no matter how loud you yell, sitting quietly is infinitely more effective in that moment. Just as in the question of inhabiting New York, there needs to be balance. New York or anywhere for that matter, a second, a minute, then, to collect oneself. Determinism shouldn't be wielded haphazardly.

Finding focus now
Infinite moments before
disolving other

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