Saturday, June 04, 2005

Months and months go rolling along, and so much goes unsaid. While I was traveling this blog served a purpose of sharing my experiences with others, but when I’m in the city connected to those I ordinarily laugh and love, I’m left questioning a little bit what purpose this has.

There are certainly questions of anonymity. As this is linked directly to my website I am not immune to ranting too much, yet there’s still room to retell many other tidbits, some interesting and others undoubtedly interesting to me and few others…

Lately, I’ve been asking the question, “What music are you listening to,” a lot. This has primarily been my source for new music because I don’t often turn on the radio (despite having it at my fingertips), and I don’t often find myself in stores or online hunting around for tips. All of those would be good sources as well, but I’m making out reasonably well. I have more music at this point than I can become familiar with before hearing about something else. Fresh might be an understatement. Just the other night, Nathan, my brother asked if I had heard of The Bravery. I had not, but after getting their self titled album, it’s with no great surprise that I just got a pair of tickets to see them at Webster Hall.

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