Saturday, April 10, 2004

Hello and love from Thailand! I am in Chiang Mai now. I arrived at the hotel around 12 this afternoon, and I slept until 8:30. It was amazing how quiet it was. India taught me a great many things amongst them that life is not quiet. That's all good and well except a brother needs some sleep now and again. This past week has been a whirlwind doing all the things Prashast and I had been talking about but not necessarily doing. Karim and I went head to head in some more chess matches, and there was also another guy that started coming in the last week, Amrendra. I told Karim that if he kept beating me then wanting to play for money that he was a hustler. Well, the other night I took him to the internet cafe to teach him about yahoo chess, but he told me that he didn't have enough money to use the internet all the time. Then, I find out after he left that evening he had bet Karim 500 Ruppees that he would again beat me. Some people have it all mixed up. I however don't; India was amazing for me. The people, the sights, the sounds, the smells, the FOOD. It was all there, and I reveled in it each day I was there. I will spend some time this week trying to purge some thoughts because there are so many accumulated.

To everyone that I met there and whose company I enjoyed so dearly, I say thank you. It was a pleasure. I promised many people I will return one day. There is so much more of the country to see. All in good time I say.

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