Sunday, April 18, 2004

Chiang Mai was really good to me. It was restful. I read a lot. I practiced more yoga than I have in a while. I have been sitting more. I also enjoyed their upcoming Spa services as well as Thai massage. The food was great. I enjoyed lots of juice shakes, including coconut, which I hadn't had until there. Although, it was much the pina colada without the rum. It was a nice stay. I wasn't in the mood to visit the wats that Josh suggested, and I couldn't find some people he mentioned I should see. I got to a couple restaurants Howie suggested, and I even made a few friends of my own. It's nice when traveling is a collective effort. This time was more about being alone than anything else though. I have spent so much of this trip with other people that it was nice to wake up solo and decide where to head off to.

I'm in Bangkok now, and I'll be here a couple nights before heading far Westward. The several times I've been here I've acquired a few favorite spots including a pizzeria which rivals those I found in Florence. And, they have amazing movie theaters here, so I'll try to get caught up a bit.

I saw Big Fish the other night, and for those that haven't seen it I highly recommend the expereince. Tim Burton is a personal favorite of mine, and he's really done an amazing job with this film. Fancying myself as a bit of a storyteller, this film makes my jaw drop. I laughed, I shuddered, I shed tears too. The film has it all.

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