Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Delhi has been treating me well these past weeks. As the temprature has risen my movements have become a bit more calculated. It reminds me of the days in New Orleans where you step outside and you've once again showered. The heat is the same; although, Delhi is dry, dusty dry. It's not my favorite climate, but luckily I won't endure the summer here. I can't imagine it getting up to 115-120F, whoof. Next stop Thailand. Early Saturday morning I will leave Delhi headed for Bangkok, then I'll switch planes and head for Chiang Mai. My good friend Josh spent some time there participating in retreats and the like. I don't expect to get involved in anything like that for such a short period, 8 days. But, I will likely find some yoga or other modes to just relax. I took very well to the Thai style of massage. Dana and I had an amazing time last we were there in this regard. A couple days in Bangkok after that, and once again I'm airborn off to Amsterdam for Jan's art show. Alright, I may have mentioned it before, but I am incredibly excited. I love supporting my family and their efforts. I draw so much strength from everyone, and it is beautiful to be able to celebrate our talents and successes together!

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