Wednesday, February 11, 2004

The wind has blown again, and this time I find myself at home. I am resting in New York for some time. I have come home to be with my love. I didn't even tell her that I was coming. The stunned look on her face could have continued either way, but she was elated. We are at a juncture where actions and words all attest; my actions this week have been well received. It has been a long time away, and we have matters of the heart to attend to. Being home about two days now, there is no doubt this is best possible thing I could have done for my relationship. People have been tossing around the addage 'Distance makes the heart' in my different lights. Well, distance has been straining on communication, and as I wrote not too long ago, there is little that compares with a face to face, hello. Today, I am glowing as I say, 'I love you.'

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