Sunday, February 29, 2004

I have successfully inverted day and night this past week. Since landing in Bombay I did not go to bed before 6AM and I often slept off most of the day. My evenings were spent shooting photos, cooking, watching movies, hours of amazing conversation, and touching base with myself. I arrived in Dehli this morning, and I am pretty well oriented at the moment. Tomorrow, day will return to being my day, and I will set out in search of novelty and adventure at least it seems that way right now. I have tried to get the cooking wheels in motion, and with any luck I'll be all setup before Wednesday or so. For those of you who don't know what I speak of, I met a wonderful guy named Trilochan who offered to teach me some about Kashmiri cooking.

There are really so many wonderful and intense interactions I am involved in that it rarely comes through in this format. I have not been devoted to this journal as other bloggers I have seen. I will be making an effort to try and convey some more of what has been going on with me. This will be greatly facilitated by residing in one house for the next bit.

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