Thursday, February 19, 2004

It's a late night running non-stop. Started at it all early this morning with a DD coffee and that long train to work. I sat next to a young father with his daughter in between us. As he was interested in learning the progress amongst the democratic hopefuls, she sat and observed the world around her silently. Perhaps she was thinking some and being some; although, it was unclear to me. Then her father took her hand silently some 20-25 minutes later, and they rarely exchanged words. It was a peculiar relationship for me to witness. I'm sometimes, although infrequently, with people who are busy working on other stuff. I like transportation time to yak. Speaking of the Democratic hopefuls, as the world turns Deans blog promises more action in the upcoming presidential struggle. I found a quote on Words on a page with a great quote for today: I am neither Democrat or Republican. I am a proud member of "The ABB Party," Anybody But Bush. Although, many democrats find themselves in a similar position.

D and I hit up the Columbus Circle Whole Foods again tonight. I have been in town for nine evenings now, and I have been to that grocery store four times. I am commited to changing what I eat for the better. I would rather go out less and do far less things on account of having divine and fresh food. A little Jamba Juice also helped poor Brian's cold along. Immunity booster works like a charm! This is one of several more evenings I have in New York. I have extended my time here through Sunday afternoon. There are more conversations to be had with D, pops, and co. As well, I need to spend a bit more time completing the work tasks I arranged for the time I am here. All in all this has been a wonderful visit. New York fits like a glove. My buddy David told me a good one the other day. He tells me there is a guy with five penises, and somebody asks, "How do your pants fit?" Well, there you have it. Lots of love to everyone.

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