Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Josh and Howie both had very successful trips while in Thailand, and I count my time there a success also. Whether spending a well deserved reunion with Dana in the islands or sipping on a Singha watching the sunset on the klong (canal), my in Thailand was delightful. One evening I even had the pleasure of meeting some Thai social activists. They were a diverse group some advocating AIDS treatment while others work for health education and gender equality. All the while the seafood and fruit juice were in fresh abundance. I even got to catch up on some film releases. There are many high quality theaters in Bangkok; sound systems make all the difference for that experience. Next time I am in Thailand, I plan to venture away from the capital towards the north, but for this visit it was wonderful meeting great friends. I had the pleasure of getting to know some great folk, including Ed originally from Ohio and Robert from Stockholm. There were a great many other characters I came in contact with like Phil from Pattaya whom I met after a long night out. He wanted the night to be longer, but I politely explained that Bangkok wasn't like that for me. When I was done explaining non-profit fungiability he politely bowed out of the conversation and excused himself. I too excused myself from the country when my visa was nearly expired, and I have returned to India. Announcing my arrival on the way from the airport there was dinner set out on the table at my great friend Prashast's house, and since then silliness and seriousness has ensued. Day after next I will continue onto Rishikesh for Dhanni's sister's wedding. From there onto Lucknow. Order and timing are very loosely based these days, but I will be there as it happens.

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