Friday, January 23, 2004

Ah, back in serene Rishikesh. The cold season and rainier days are coming to a close, and soon spring time in the mountains will bring back more Europeans and Israeli. However, for now, I am the only guest staying at the Green Hills Cottage. The clean air and slow pace offer nice peace here. There is a local cricket tournament happening. Three young guys managed to organize over 15 teams, and they are currently slugging it out done the road. It's an amazing thing, a blog. I came across a nice article from Google News about how blogging is aiding the political process. The speed surpasses even the strongest traditional news sources for conveying fast information. Although, there can be a big problem of accuracy. Even with the best of reporters forging some work these days, discerning the truth is a must, unfortunately. Chicago's Daily Herold has the story on blogging here. Real time information is quite the powerful tool. I find it very easy to update this, and I am pleasantly surprised to hear about people reading it, some of whom I have never met. From these quiet hills, I send my love.

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