Monday, January 10, 2005

Gasp, it's already been eight days. Not entirely sure where they have gone. I've just finished laundry thankfully my clean socks admit. Unfortunate to learn that Steve Madden didn't have good material specialists working on their insoles. Even after having them reglued they managed to bunch up under my feet by mid-day, and those socks bit the dust as soon as the shoe were off. Bella suggested trying to soak them in hot water; however, the glue used during the shoe repair is not likely to be light weight or effected by water. So long soaks; you've served me well. J Crew, actually. Not that I've ever owned much from there. Nothing that fits all that well. And what about Eddie Bauer. They guarantee their products for life, and my new jeans couldn't last a month. Insult to injury is that neither could the price. They were discontinued for not being too successful, and I only got 60% of the original price in a credit. This does however serve as some justice because when I was in high school I had the better of them. Traveling from New Orleans to Taft regularly, I was quite tough on luggage. My Eddie Bauer bag, which was entirely too big took me many places over six years or better. Finally, it got tired of me putting more than forty pounds at a time in it, and the strap stitching came undone. In my mind life was life, so I brought the bag back and got a credit. It almost makes it appropriate for the jeans to serve as retribution of sorts. Not that putting any credence whatsoever maintains an ounce of guilt; merely intrigue.

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