Thursday, October 07, 2004

Rest assured, this blog is not a thing of the past. Only, I have not been paying to much attention to entering my musings of late. It has been hard to put into words what's happening and the places I'm traversing. Considering the appropriateness of happenings in this, such a public yet personal, domain has left me without putting anything online. Many changes in my life just recently and every moment leave me wanting to express more, and it shall come.

Programming phone numbers into a phone that isn't mine is not my ideal way of spending time; however, that's an internship for you. DC has been really good to me, and while I don't feel it's okay to discuss much of what my actual work has been the same does not hold true for my opinion of government. Damn things are sticky around the Beltway. Everybody's partisan, this is something I've benefited from greatly because I have been quite cautious not to step on anyone's toes for the longest time. Well, I'm discovering if you don't speak up you're going to get washed over. So, I keep my mouth shut as ordered from the outset when necessary. Otherwise, I throw myself right into the fray of it all. This campaign season has helped me learn quite a bit about how the backbone of candidacies operate particularly since my boss and co. are major conrtributors as well as organizers.

Yes, well, my interest in politics has led me deep into the belly. This party is definitely not for me; although, I have a better appreciation for the necessity of diplomacy. You can't achieve all ends by playing solely to your base. Work both sides of the isle if you intend to ever really get somewhere. Remember to play well with others.

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