Thursday, August 05, 2004

Bloody hell, I dare say, do not try and 'target disk' connect an osX laptop with a windows machine. Perhaps with a bit of software it may go down well, but I tell you something; my machine got spiked. Luckily, it remembers how to be a target disk still. I also happen to be quite fortunate to have gotten an external drive all set up today. Merci Beaucoup Brian. I type as the 17+ hour backup is happening before I bring my sad, caughing computer to the Apple SoHo store, tomorrow. How fortunate, also is it that I have an excellent apple technician living next door. Kaleb has been a great help in bringing me up to speed on repairing these machines.

I got to give credit to the good folks at Big Apple Group, they did nice work on some banners for AJWS. There was a slight techinical problem, but it probably would not have happened if I hadn't rushed them. Even if they had done it still, they are kindly redoing the work, and it will be ready in a couple days time. Wahid is my connection within the US for cricket. We spoke much about this past weekend's Sri Lanka v. India match. While traveling throughout India cricket played a tremendous part in my experience. From Dayal in Lucknow through the villages in Rishikesh, across to Bombay via Delhi. You've never seen a more populous city come to a standstill than when a match between Pakistan and India is going on. Imagine the stadium in Calcutta; Eden Gardens seats 120,000. If that's not effervescense, I simply don't get it. What an overwhelming experience. I also understand Calcutta's sweets are supposed to be quite incredible. Although, I would take an Old Delhi Jalabi, any day of the week, and twice on saturday. All of it...

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