Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Tonight I'm in Frankfurt. Yep, first night of Oktoberfest here, but I won't be drinking too much as I'm recovering from a case of dysentery I picked up while travelling in Crimea... Ain't that some shit? On day three of a five day antiobiotic, and I ought to be golden by this weekend to live up the Indian food. Glad to say that everything is under control. Easy flight from Kiev to Frankfurt; that would be with the exception of some spectacular driving on behalf of our friend Vitalic. He may have made the tour d' Kiev in record time to ensure ample time at the airport. It was easy going through customs. "How much money do you have left of what you declared? Do you have any antiques?" Then ruin more film with robotron x-ray 10 million. I mean seriously, the friggin' guy operating the machine was glowing. Those machines reek havic on my desire to produce half decent pictures. Oh well, the blurred effect will be artistry ala 21st century security. Oh, how post modern...

Anyhow, my film will be tainted further tomorrow as I'm heading for India, and then begin the process of reacclimating my poor stomach. Time differences, the sleep, no problem. Nowadays I'm carrying my tummy in both hands to ensure everything goes well. No really, I'm loving every minute of it. If it was the $1/KG fresh black figs that gave me dysentery, it was worth it. I must have worked about 2 or 3 kilos before departing. I even experimented with infusing Vodka with them. That worked out so-so. Sorry Martin, I tried, but I think the black pepper is an easier infusion.

Well, I'm going to hit this city up, try to learn something about music and a pint. Hopefully, there's stew to be had. That's really a favorite German pasttime for me.

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