Saturday, July 26, 2003

Planes are small, and I am big. However, the lady in front of me had it a bit worse off. She could not lay back the entire ride; my knees were pressed up against the back of her seat before she even got in it, and the guy in front of her "had a sleeping problem" and he wouldn't bring his seat up at all. 7 hours, it's over, and I'll get to the airport a bit earlier every time from now on because that 30 minutes to an hour wait is not worth missing exit rows!

The hotel in Kiev has been pleasant, a little pricey, but I'm really close to the train station where I'll be going this evening to ride another 12 hours south. Tomorrow I will connect with the people from the Nikolaev JCC. I join them for their annual summer camp where they try to bring more people from the community into their organization...

I'm about to meet a representative from an organization the Jewish Community Development Fund grants money to here in Kiev.

Quote from yesterday: "No, the price I gave you was in Euros, it is ____ in USD. Then the negotiations began, again.
-Excerpt from Airport Taxi to Hotel

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