Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Wax tablets would be a much healthier pursuit for me at this moment. I've been trying to get my buddy Rob's Apple to do something for me all day. Off and on for over 12 hours, the same problem has turned into a plague now... Soon, my part will be over, and complete or part of the way there, it will just have to be. He is off to Santa Barbara for a "C de P" reunion, and I fly southbound. Next stop New Orleans.

Oregon has been a wonderful break from the non-stop pace New York only knows how to offer! Sleep has returned to my life as a regularly scheduled item, until haha I try to fix a computer, then magically, I stay up into the morning hours. This is probably why I had a dream in which I stated, "I hate computers." I never exclaim things much less profound statements like that. (Note: I'm not sure what I just pressed, but my blog has just been published to the interenet unintentionally). That would be proof that there is no joy in mudville this evening. I'll begin anew tomorrow or later...

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